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"Producer Yvonne Suberamaniam's tagline "Creative", "Innovative", "Imaginative", "Productive" is an accurate descriptor, to which I would also add 'connected'.

Yvonne's contacts in the production world put her a phone call away from every resource necessary to create and stage our multi-discipline meeting with entertainment for a major US corporation on the island of Bali.

She sourced local vendors for production elements and a huge number of local talent for onstage appearances. Every step of the way -- from pre-production through casting through on-site load-in and talent rehearsals to the event days themselves --Yvonne was an indispensable part of our team.

She also found time to host a floating birthday party for a number of our group. We were made to feel like royalty, and Von just made it look easy. Indeed it took no time at all before Von moved from 'vendor' to 'friend' .

So far as I can tell, the sequence of events for my colleagues in the US production business goes like this:

(1) Win job in Asia

(2) Call Yvonne."

Gretchen Van Horne
Gretchen Van Horne, Inc.
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San Francisco, CA 94114 U.S.A.


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