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"Only a select few people know how to deliver on event experiences such as "corporate entertainment", "learning", "motivation" and "thought leadership" to the highest global standards and be differentiated from the host of weak offerings in the marketplace.

We have entrusted our boldest and most visible international events to Yvonne as producer and manager for several years now, with outstanding effect. With Yvonne, once she has caught the client's vision of what needs to be achieved, there is no compromising. Even when she is arguing with us on price or cost-effective options, we know that she always has our interest as her top most priority. She cares about our brand as much as we do.

So, working with her and her selected team has always been an experience of bringing the best brains and the highest energy levels together to outstanding final effect, event after event. She has the precious combination of industry experience, creative flair, discipline, skills and leadership that.

Our experience has been that she works with us, not for us - so even if our event has a cast of 100, as the owner, I have never needed to see beyond Yvonne to know that all was well. She is as much the reason why our flagship events are the best branded in the region as the best of our own people."
Emmanuel Daniel
President and Editor-in-Chief
The Asian Banker


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